When We Are Driving In Our Vehicle Whether It Is A Car Or SUV or a Motor Home The Good News Is We Are Usually Safe And Getting On With Our Business. We All Hate To Think About It However The Bad News IS Things Can And Do Go Wrong Such As Motor Vehicle Accidents, Fires, Floods, Tornadoes and More. When This Happens We Can Be Trapped And In Great Danger.

The Good News Is…There is a Perfect Solution And We Can Be Prepared! This Is Your Answer, a Premium Escape Or Rescue Tool To Protect You And Your Loved Ones.

This Is You Perfect Driving Partner Which Allows You to Stay Safe Even When Things May Go Wrong!

Stay Safe In All Situations When Driving With SafeTHammer A Great Design Which Gives You Superior Safety, Protection and Best of All You Are Always Prepared For Any Emergency!

This Means You Can Trust Your Rescue And Escape Tool To:

  • Break a window and free yourself from danger
  • Safely cut your seatbelt if stuck inside a vehicle
  • Break a window to free someone from their vehicle
  • Get Out Of Danger In A Fire
  • Get Out Of Danger in A Flood
  • Give You Confidence And Peace Of Mind When Driving
  • Have peace of mind about your loved ones

You Can Rely On The Design and The Premium Quality

  • Feel the amazing heavy quality of the high quality premium handle
  • Have at your disposal a razor sharp blade which is safely concealed
  • The pointed steel head to free you from danger
  • Flat hammer head to clear broken glass
  • A reflector to attract attention
  • Compact design for ease of storage and easy access