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Definite Recommendation

When these arrived and I first opened the packet I was pleased. I did not expect them to arrive with a bracket. I knew I would be receiving a twin pack and I was happy with that as one was purchased for my daughter. The price I paid was really good value as the quality is good and I even received a great eBook which I also gifted to my daughter which contained many tips for safer driving and things you should have on board your vehicle to deal with anything unexpected.

The sellers service was great and they kept in touch with me when I purchased. This is real peace of mind for me and it is a definite recommendation to all that are on the road.

Andrew Peterson

Great Escape & Emergency Tool

I heard all about these and I had to have one for myself. I did some research and found what seem to be a good way to make sure that I was prepared for any accident or emergency for me and for anyone else I could help out. It provides a way of cutting loose safely as well as an easier way of breaking a car window to get out. I am a smaller person and where I live we get many flood and I know I would not be strong to do this by myself.

This is a great escape and emergency tool and I like to be prepared. I know that it makes sense to have a plan for situations even if we like to put these things aside sometimes.

Sarah Chun

Everyone Needs One

If you are anything like me you never ever worry about things ever going wrong. You assume that you will always be OK and you will never ever be in any real danger ever. One day after my best friend and I were in a serious accident I was so glad to get out of it alive. I travel far from home a lot however this time we were in town with lots of people around and services to help out.

These days I am into taking steps to keep myself safe and although we were freed by others I truly believe everyone needs one of these in every vehicle they drive. I have one in mine and if I never have to use it great but if I do I know I will have a better chance of survival and that means a lot.

This is a tiny price to pay for this comfort. Since buying mine, last Christmas I gave one to everyone I know that I care about. It meant a lot to me and they all loved such a unique gift!


Risk – No Thanks!

I really love to go camping and spend all my spare time doing this. It means I drive a lot and in all sorts of conditions both closer to home but usually far from home. I believe in being prepared for all situations and as I am a keen camper I have my emergency and survival kit which most people have. An important part of this is a window breaker and seatbelt cutter as this is sometimes overlooked.

I am an adventure seeker and I love to have fun, I don’t like to take any unnecessary risks, if there is a way to avoid it , why not?

Charles Borg

Should Be Compulsory!

This day and age when most cars have power windows and central locking one of the most common problems is being stuck inside your vehicle when your power is lost in an accident.

It does not take long for what is a simple problem for things to escalate if you can’t leave your vehicle for any reason be it a fire or you are sinking in a flood. These should come with all new cars, they should be compulsory. As well as getting yourself free and out you can also cut a seatbelt which is also another risk in an accident.

A great product and great customer service from this company.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks for the survival checklist.

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